Our Story

It was a trip to Paris in 2009 that changed everything. Kent had booked this trip to propose to his then girlfriend, now wife Bri. He packed the engagement ring in a carry-on bag for the red-eye flight, stowed it in the overhead bin and stayed up all night guarding it. After arriving in Paris the next morning tired and jet-lagged, the two ventured over to “L’Avenue”, a nearby café. It was here that Bri offered Kent his first ever espresso.  Having never tried coffee of any kind before but being weary from the all-night guard shift, he decided to give it a try and was instantly hooked.  After a successful proposal the following night, the two celebrated the rest of the week with morning crepe breakfasts, walks around the city and late night dinners, all accompanied by plenty of coffee and espresso. 

A spark had been lit and once they returned to the US, Kent slowly began to learn more about his new found passion. Since then, the interest in coffee and café culture continued and after retiring from a 14 year professional hockey career in 2015, Kent decided to take this interest to the next level. He traveled to Sand Point, Idaho for a three day coffee roasting course at the Diedrich Roaster Headquarters, then on to Boot Coffee in San Rafael, CA a few months later for more coffee courses and barista training. With each added experience, Kent’s enthusiasm for the coffee industry grew and when a retail opportunity emerged at the new Nineteen01 building in Santa Ana, Kent and Bri decided to make it the family business.  

Their idea was simple, a café featuring high quality organic specialty coffee roasted fresh in-house, handcrafted organic ingredients (including maple imported from Kent's home town in Canada) and ultra-friendly customer service. Bringing this idea to life would be much more difficult, so they began working on the most familiar and effective strategy for success they knew: building a team. At the core of this team would be Huskins "Coffee Boss" and Santa Ana native Meghan Houston. Bringing with her a wealth of experience and coffee knowledge, Meghan's tireless efforts have led the way for a handful of highly skilled baristas to set an exceptional tone for the company and in July 2018, Huskins Coffee Company opened its doors. 

After 2 years in the making, the pair are happy to finally have their coffee for the tasting. Grateful for the journey that led them to this point, Bri and Kent are forever thankful to everyone who has supported, believed and worked to help make this idea a reality.